Jungkook is definitely scared of microwaves! He’s never been a fan of them and always tries to stay as far away from them as possible. He’s always been worried that they might explode or something and he doesn’t want to be anywhere near them when that happens.

He’s also heard that microwaves can cause cancer and he doesn’t want to risk his health by being around them.

What are the things that Jungkook is scared of?

Jungkook is the youngest member of the globally successful K-pop group, BTS. He is known for his powerful vocal performances and his charming personality. However, like everyone, Jungkook has his own fears and anxieties.

Jungkook has admitted to being scared of heights and of ghosts. He has said that he is also scared of the dark, although he has never been afraid to sleep alone. Interestingly, Jungkook has also said that he is scared of chickens!

He has explained that he doesn’t like the way they look and that they make him feel uneasy. Despite his fears, Jungkook is a brave and determined young man who has achieved great things in his career. He is an inspiration to many fans who look up to him for his strength and resilience.

Who is scared of microwave?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about microwaves and their safety. Some people think that microwaves are dangerous because they emit electromagnetic radiation. Others believe that microwaves are unsafe because they can cause cancer.

But the truth is, microwave ovens are perfectly safe to use. In fact, they’re one of the most convenient and efficient ways to cook food. So, if you’re one of those people who are scared of microwave ovens, there’s no need to be.

Just make sure to follow the instructions on how to use them safely and you’ll be fine.

Which BTS member is scared of butterflies?

Kim Seok-jin, also known by his stage name Jin, is the oldest member of South Korean boy band BTS. He is scared of butterflies. Jin has admitted that he is scared of butterflies on multiple occasions.

In an interview with BTS’ official fan club, he said that he was “terrified” of them. He has also said that he is “allergic” to them. While it is not known exactly why Jin is scared of butterflies, it is likely because of their fluttering wings and bright colors.

For many people, butterflies are symbols of hope and beauty. However, for Jin, they are simply creatures that he cannot bear to be around. Despite his fear, Jin has said that he would still like to see a butterfly up close someday.

Perhaps with the help of his bandmates, he’ll be able to overcome his fear and appreciate these creatures for the beauties that they are.

Is Jungkook scared of horror movies?

No, Jungkook is not scared of horror movies. He actually enjoys watching them and finds them entertaining. He has said in interviews that he is a fan of the genre and that he likes to watch them with his friends.


According to the blog post, Jungkook is scared of microwaves because he once saw a video of a microwave exploding. He was so scared that he refused to go near one ever again. However, he eventually overcame his fear after he saw how his favorite food, ramen, was cooked in a microwave.

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